Your Turn

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I say it every year, but I can't help but already notice - from Twitter, to Instagram, to Facebook – the avid exercisers mocking the new faces at the gym (or those they will soon see.) And they all have the same, general theme: "Oh those resolutions. I wonder how long they will last…”

Aren’t we glad God doesn’t say the same about us? “Oh, here’s Jimmy again. Same sin, same confession, I wonder how long this commitment will last.”

Guys, if it helps, think of the new face at the gym, or on the road, or in the studio, like a visitor at a crowded church on Christmas day. Acknowledge them, welcome them and tell them you’ll see them next time. They may not be familiar with the gym's layout, but they'll know where to find grace.

You never know, your words of encouragement might be what saves their life. Remember, it takes courage for them to show up. Now, it’s your turn.

- Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Let's be the arms that reach around the gym.


Almost Here: The first week of January - usually filled with promises and promotion - is being replaced with rest and recalibration. Are you joining us?