July 6, 2010Read: Psalm 46 & Hebrews 12 "Be still and know that I am God." --Psalm 46:10 "Let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us." --Hebrews 12:1-2

If you've ever watched a track meet on TV, you've noticed that as the runners enter the starting blocks, there's a moment of absolute silence. After the athletes find their place, they kneel, bow their heads, then...pow! they go.

Well, if you're new to PrayFit, we're a lot like that. In a sense, we represent two bookends of the day -- stillness and movement in one. We believe God was as serious when He said "be still" as He was when He said "run the race." And at Prayfit, we take both literally and figuratively.

So welcome to the start of a new day. Find a good place to kneel, bow your head then run.

Lord, we love you. Give us clean hearts. Renew in us a longing to spend time with you, reading and studying your word and talking to you. We just need you. Amen.


WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: LOWER BODY OF WORK If you are looking for a sure-fire way to transform your body, start with your legs. Leg day is usually the toughest workout of the week and thus, the first day skipped in your weekly routine. But workouts for the large muscles of your legs -- your quads, hamstrings and glutes -- require a great deal of fuel and thus yield amazing, total-body results. In other words, think twice about skipping legs.

This week's workout can be done in your living room, garage, backyard, local gym -- pretty much anywhere. All you need is a few feet of space above and around you. Get ready for a bit of classic PrayFit bodyweight work. This oughtta wake you up.

Warm -up: Run in place for 3-5 minutes 20 jump squats (as fast and high as possible) 20 bodyweight squats (squeezing your lower body as much as possible) 20 seconds of wall squats (back and hips up against the wall, legs bent at 90-degrees and hold for at least 20 seconds)

--All this is one set. Go from one exercise into the next exercise without resting. --After the wall squat, take a brief rest -- no more than 1 minute -- and then repeat the entire sequence five times. --Cool down: Run in place for 3-5 minutes, do some light stretching and you're done.