August 12, 2010Read: Matthew 20 "So the last will be first, and the first will be last." --Matthew 20:16

Some of you might be football fans. And if so, draft day is always exciting. Interestingly though, some of football's greatest Hall of Fame legends were some of the last picked on draft day. Curtis Martin, the NFL's fourth-leading rusher of all time (and PrayFit endorser) was selected 74th in 1995. Joe Montana, arguably one of the top three quarterbacks to ever throw a football didn't make the top 10 of his draft -- try 82nd. And as far as Tom Brady, three-time Super Bowl Champion and multiple MVP award winner? Only 198 players were chosen before his name was called.

Just goes to show that what the world sees as a long shot can be a winner in disguise.

Paul persecuted Christians, Moses had a stutter, and when others saw David as a simple shepherd boy, God saw a king. So if you're feeling like a long shot, have faith that you're a winner, not in disguise, but in His eyes.


PRAYFIT NUTRITION: GET YOUR GOAT There's a good alternative for those sensitive to cow's milk

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