November 1, 2010Read: Luke 19 "'I tell you,' he replied, 'If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." --Luke 19:40

I know I'm getting older and much more sentimental, because few things in life nowadays are as great as overhearing my wife talking to her plants. Can you relate? Her voice changes in pitch as she compliments and encourages. She apologizes to those not getting enough sun and to those getting too much. Supplying all that love simply brings her pleasure.

I like to think about how sentimental God must be. He cares for us, talks to us, feeds us and protects us. We're alive simply for His pleasure, and He loves to watch us grow. But the cool thing is, we're the part of His creation designed to thank and praise Him in return. If we get fulfilled when the things we love respond, just imagine God, seeing and hearing us do the same.


WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: ADVANTAGE...BODYWEIGHT This week's workout puts you in a position of mechanical advantage with each change in position. In other words, each exercise position gets easier because your body is in a stronger position with each change in angle. The key is to work each angle to absolute failure before switching variations.

Decline Push-up Standard Push-up Incline Push-up Double Crunch Standard Crunch Reverse Crunch >>Do all exercises to failure. >>Once you've gone through all of the exercises, rest only as long as necessary and run through the list one more time.