October 29, 2010Read: Exodus 35

"From what you have, take an offering for the Lord. Everyone who is willing is to bring to the Lord an offering." --Exodus 35:5

Last night, the PrayFit team offered a sneak preview of the book's 28-day, bodyweight-only program to a small group of enthusiastic believers from Christ Lutheran Church in Costa Mesa (Calif.). This cross-section of newly-minted PrayFitters, who represent the start for what we hope will be a nationwide rejuvenation of faith and fitness, was diverse to say the least. Those battling injury, those nursing arthritic joints, those who are simply looking to shed a few pounds -- they all showed up to offer what they could, not to us, but to the Lord.

Despite their wide array of backgrounds, they were all linked by a simple theme: a desire to honor the body that houses the soul.

People are often reluctant to renew their commitment to their health. It's uncomfortable, it's tiring and it's scary. But like Jimmy's dad told him: "Son, never give the Lord anything that costs you nothing."

We hope you'll join our friends at Christ Lutheran and give whatever you have to offer of yourselves -- today and everyday from here on out -- and let the Lord do with it what He will.

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