November 15, 2010Read: 2 Timothy 4

"I have fought the good fight..." --2 Timothy 4:7

This past Saturday night, many in the sports world gathered around their televisions to watch the much anticipated boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito. But by the end of the bout, those watching were witness to much more than just stiff jabs and timely upper cuts. One fighter taught a lesson in mercy, the other, in courage.

Hardly able to count the fingers being held before his swollen eyes, Margarito demanded to continue fighting. His opponent knew he was about to fall. But had Margarito quit or Manny gone for the knockout, no one would have blamed either, but instead they did neither. When the bell announced the final round, Margarito stood up and Manny stood down.

Ironic -- mercy meeting courage -- because for the fight to go the distance, both were required.

As we begin this week, despite last week's left hooks and low blows, the bell means it's time to get up. After all, as believers we're "prize" fighters, aren't we? And while our enemy shows no mercy, God does. (Ding...ding)


WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: 10-Minute Bodyweight Cardio Blast

No treadmill? No bike? Not a problem. It's short-sighted to think that you need some piece of gym equipment to get your heart racing. The greatest piece of equipment at your disposal is your body. Hit this intense, at-home cardio session to burn calories and start the day off right.

TRAINER TIP: To increase the amount of fat you burn, try this workout on an empty stomach. After a night of fasting, available blood sugar is low, meaning that your body will tap into stored fat for fuel faster than normal.

Perform each exercise for one minute and move to the next exercise immediately, with no rest between moves.

Walk in place Jog in place High knee running Jumping jacks Fast feet (Squat down, spread your feet and tap your toes as fast as you can) High knee running Virtual jump rope (Feel free to use an actual jump rope if you have one) High knee running Jumping jacks Walk in place

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