December 9, 2010Read: Psalm 25

"Show me your ways, O Lord." --Psalm 25:4

Earlier this year, Eric asked me to join him at a photo shoot. It had actually been a while since I'd been to one, but because I directed shoots for all those years, I felt right at home. I knew the exercises Eric wanted, the general feel of the article and even knew the photographer from way back when.

And as we were trying to get a particular shot, we realized that we were using the wrong lens for the exercise. The only way to get the shot we wanted, allowing us to see the entire move, was to use a wide-angle lens; we were too close to what we wanted to see, that what we needed was way out of frame.

Aren't we like that? We get so close to our days, jobs, and goals that we have no periphery. Our tunnel-vision eyes are so keenly fixed on what's dead ahead that the DEAD END AHEAD comes into view far too late.

So let's make sure we start each day kneeling, asking for His wisdom, seeking His guidance...and wanting His point of view.



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