December 30, 2010Read: Philippians 4 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, let your requests be made known to God." --Philippians 4:6

Earlier this year, my wife and I were planning a business trip. One thing on our list? A new suitcase. One that could hold my clothes, my computer...the kitchen sink. I needed the Rolls Royce of luggage. And guess what? I finally found it. We walked into a store and boom...there it was. With an overhead light shining down upon it, I could almost hear angelic music in my ears. I embraced it like a long, lost friend.

We left the store with confidence, and rather than take it back to the truck, I decided to simply pull it along with us. Besides, we had plenty of other stores to conquer, and I didn't mind everyone seeing my new baggage. They probably thought, "This guy's serious about his packing!" They'd be right.

Well, it didn't take me long to regret that decision. As we went from one store to the next, it became quite clear that maneuvering the USS Suitcase between people, aisles, dogs, strollers, cars and every other object was not a wise choice. Too far to turn back and plenty of stops yet to make, my shopping experience would have been so much better had I left my baggage behind.

You know, as we approach 2011, let's leave 2010 where it belongs: in 2010. Regrets? Disappointments? Do-overs? Let's leave them in the rearview. We have new mercies to live upon and fresh starts to finish. Our physical and spiritual health will be that much more enjoyable (and attainable) if we're not dragging last year into the next.


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