January 25, 2011Read: Daniel 2

Praise be the name of God for ever and ever... He sets up kings and deposes them.” –Daniel 2:20-21

Regardless of whether you agree with the president's  policies or not, the idea of the State of the Union speech is pretty awesome. It’s a time for the president to share with the country the progress that has been made in the last year, as well as an opportunity to lay out strategies on how things will improve. More than anything, this speech allows the  president a chance to acknowledge that he hears the cries of the people while asking them to embrace his plan.

You know, with each new day, we’re able to address our own state of the union; of our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If we think listening to our president is cool, how amazing is it that we can hear from the founding Father Himself? And you can bet your soul He hears the cries of the people, and He asks the world to embrace his plan.

And so Lord, we do pray for our President. Help him realize that a better state of the union will always begin with one nation under God.



Jim Stoppani, PhD, co-author of "PrayFit: Your Guide to a Healthy Body and a Stronger Faith in 28 Days," (Regals Books) is a big fan of the good ol' egg, and not just because he makes a mean omelette.

"I firmly believe in eating at least three whole eggs per day as research shows that whole eggs boost muscle size and strength and that those eating eggs for breakfast lose more body fat than those not eating eggs," Stoppani says. "But many people worry about the cholesterol in eggs. As I always tell you, the cholesterol in eggs won't necessarily raise your bad cholesterol levels."

Stoppani's take has been met with skepticism by some but new research is showing that he is dead on in his assessment. Studies cited by researchers at UC Berkeley point out that there has been no conclusive link between egg consumption and heart disease, except in people with diabetes. The researchers also point out that dietary cholesterol only raises blood cholesterol in about one third of people and that a resulting rise in "good" cholesterol, or HDL, offsets any potential damage from a rise in LDL.

For more on this study, visit the source article at UC Berkeley here.

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