March 15, 2011Read: Psalm 55

"Cast all your cares upon the Lord and He will sustain you." --Psalm 55:22

Late Sunday afternoon I took my chocolate lab, Ms. Josey Wales, for an extra long walk. With it being daylight savings, it just seemed like a good time to plan, to dream, to recalibrate. Funny what a little extra light will do for the heart.

We walked and walked, and I talked to the Lord. Josey would occasionally look up wondering where in the world her master was taking her. Before too long, we reached my future neighborhood -- a gated and guarded community where dogs have big backyards and Dads can put dogs in big backyards. (I did mention I was dreaming, right?) Nonetheless, I said to Josey, "Someday girl. Someday."

But you know, recent events around the world help put things into perspective don't they? They authoritatively, if tragically, illustrate what's important and what's not. This life might not turn out the way we plan it, and you and I might not understand exactly where the Master is leading, but we can trust that whatever we may forfeit for Him on earth will be worth it when we get home. And if we listen, we can hear Him whisper, ever so gently, "Someday."



For today's suggested activity, we urge you to donate to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Thousands of people have lost their lives and tens of thousands more have been displaced and are without power, food or access to basic services. Please donate what you can, today, through the Red Cross.