April 26, 2011Read: Psalm 57

"I cry out to God most high, to God who fulfills his purpose for me." --Psalm 57:2

In grad school, one of the more tedious obligations we had was recalibrating our lab equipment. VO2 max machines, Tissot's, CO2 analyzers -- you name it, we had to put things in check and often. It's one thing for a piece of scientific apparatus to be precise, but unless it's accurate, it doesn't do much good.

With that in mind, I'd like to do a little calibration of our own. We're well into the new year and knee-deep into school and work. But would we go to work without computers or tools? Or to school without books? Of course not. Some things just never cross our minds.

But when we fail to spend time in God's word, praying and talking to Him, we begin our day unprepared and unprotected. And if we're not dedicated to optimum health and nutrition, we're neglecting His gift of life itself.

So as we start the week, let's recalibrate. Let's be precise with those priorities and more accurate with our appointments. If you need to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier in order to pray with your wife, or if you need to pack you workout bag the night before, then let's do it. Find the line in the sand you drew when the year began and hit it with your knees.



In whatever activity you enjoy the most or in whichever workout you have in store, take it to the max today and see where you are. Perhaps you have a familiar trail that you run after work or maybe you're hitting chest in the gym. Whatever your day's agenda, push yourself to a personal best. Write down the time, the weight, the reps or the distance and post it somewhere in your home or office, as well as on the PrayFit forums in your workout journal. Keep it up each day, visible for all to see. Every time you see it, let it remind you of your effort. When you read it, think to yourself, "That was me, at my very best." Then, see how much better you can get with each workout going forward.