April 25 Quote of the Week: Yesterday, Jesus proved He was the King by rolling stones.- Jimmy Peña

Workout of the Week: Walk/Run Want to get a jump on your health? Let's get outside and enjoy the spring. If you're re-startng your exercise routine or just in the mood for a change, take it outdoors. If you have 10-15 minutes, try this. We promise your heart will get pumpin and you'll start your day off right.

Jog for 2 minutes at a leisurely pace. After 2 minutes, kick it up a notch and take long strides for another 2 minutes. Minute five is your sprint. Hit it as fast as possible for 1 full minute. When the minute is over, take it back down to a stride for 2 minutes and finally back to a 2-minute jog. Your last minute is a sprint, pumping your arms and legs as hard as possible. After the jog, walk for 3-5 minutes to cool down. (Good morning!)

Note: You can perform this run/walk with little space. If you don't have a track or spacious roads or surroundings, simply do an up & back on your street or park. The body won't know the difference.