September 8, 2011Read: Matthew 6

But store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven.” – Matthew 6:20

Have you ever chased the wind? I know I have. Kind of leaves you empty-handed doesn't it? Funny, we pursue a lot of things that won’t satisfy or sustain, yet we hunt them down as if our life depended on them. Appropriately, coming back from vacation, we promised that we'd focus on our focus. Therefore, yesterday we reached out to those in dire need of a reminder of why the hills we have to climb are worth the effort, regardless of whether or not it comes naturally.

Today our sights shift to those who have those habits of training and eating down pat. Perhaps that's you? Maybe being health conscious comes as naturally as breathing in and out. After all, you wouldn't dare think about eating that, and as far as me suggesting you not go to the gym? Bite my tongue, right? But perhaps if you're like me, at times what's missing in your mirror is the one you're meant to mirror. Perhaps you've been so caught up in the process of being healthy, that you forgot about the purpose of it.

If so, let's remind each other that chasing healthy dreams is fine, but only if we're running after God along the way. That keeps everything we need in front of us. You know, I've referenced it before, but last night the song “Meaningless” by Anthony Evans happened to be playing as I sat at my computer. I’ve attached a YouTube version of it, and I hope you’ll take a listen. Such a great visual message for our week of perspective. It blessed me, and I hope it helps you see your reflection in a brand new way.

>> MEANINGLESS – by Anthony Evans



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