September 23, 2011Read: Galatians 6

"Carry each other's burdens." --Galations 6:2

Uphill battles. If anyone understood the phrase, Simon did. Simon of Cyrene was of course the man who helped Jesus carry the cross up the hill toward Calvary. In one moment, a bystander. The next, a cross bearer. He did literally what you and I are called to do figuratively. Little did he know the example he was setting. I wonder if he knew his sin would soon be nailed to the tree he carried.

Uphill battles. If anyone understood the phrase, Jesus did. Yet Jesus knew that what He faced, He had to face alone. Nobody on earth, above or below, could take His place as He took ours. But the thought of you and me facing our days without hope was enough to kill Him. The weight of the cross and our helplessness were more than He could bear.

Simon, Jesus. Two men, one cross and an uphill battle.


Are you facing an uphill battle as we end the week? Perhaps at work? Out of work? Physically? Spiritually? We want to pray for you so leave your comment here. If you'd prefer, simply list your prayer request as: "unspoken request" and we'll be sure and lift you up.



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