October 24, 2011Read: Hebrews 12

"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus; the author and finisher of our faith." --Hebrews 12:2

The...End. Not something you expect to read at the start of a devotion, but it was something I witnessed on my plane recently. The lady across the isle was reading a book that made "War and Peace" look like a leaflet. Seriously, at one point on the flight, I saw her begin Chapter 153.

As we began our descent, I saw her turn to the last page of the final chapter. You expect to see someone start a book on a flight, but to witness the finish, now that's rare. The bold capped words, THE END, hung below a short paragraph that covered only half the page. Her focus and reaction to her story was my focus, and I reacted.

"So how was it?" (I just had to ask. Rare moments are tough for me to ignore). "It was great!" she responded. "Lots of twists and turns but I love the author, and the end was better than expected."

I glanced up to the roof of the airplane as if to catch the grin of someone nobody could see, "Good one, Lord" I mumbled. You know, if I enjoyed watching some stranger finish her story, how much do you think God enjoys watching us live ours? To Him, we're page-turners, so let's really live! After all, she was right; lots of twists and turns, but if you love the Author, the end will be better than expected.


Question: What are your goals this week? How are you planning to live in terms of your health and well-being? Gonna try some healthy recipes? Start a new routine? Make it known in the comments section below.

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Mechanical Advantage

The body is an amazing thing in that it is fully fragile but fully adaptable. In any tough workout, progress is made in the daunting shadows beyond failure. Taking your body to the point of complete fatigue, then, is a desirable if only occasional ambition that can help you get healthier and stronger. But reaching that point doesn't have to mean the end of your workout. That's where adaptation comes in. By putting your muscles in a more mechanically advantageous position -- positions that demand less work -- you are able to extend your workout. Happily, additional cumulative work can lead to greater gains in the long run. This week's workout allows you to ask (and receive) more of yourself by simply capitalizing on mechanical advantage.


Plyo-Push up Standard Push-Up Push-Up (from knees)


Jump Squat Standard Squat Isometric Hold (squat at 90-degrees and hold to failure)


Double Crunch Standard Crunch Reverse Crunch

--Perform each exercise listed to complete failure before moving on to the next. Failure is the point at which you can no longer complete reps with good form. You can break up the upper, lower and abdominal workouts, doing them on separate days, or you can go through each exercise listed in sequence for a total body workout. If going the total-body route, you may go through the entire sequence 2-3 times total, resting at least 24 hours between workouts.