My Redeemer Lives

"I know my redeemer lives." --Job 19:25

Read: Job 19

In a recent sermon, my good friend Dr. Aaron Tyler said, "The story in the book of Job is a story that tests the foundations of faith." As you know, God allowed Job to be tested beyond belief. His family, wealth and even his health were taken from him. But like Dr. Tyler said, "Job suffered faithfully." And in a remarkable surge of faith Job said, "Etch this in stone...I know my redeemer lives."

Friends, we might be going through all kinds of tests -- from finances, to relationships, to our health. But may we follow Job's example, that even as our lives unravel and our bodies break, our foundation of faith remains. Oh, we may not have books written about us, but our little stories are no less important to God or those around us. And if you happen to be asked why you care for a body that will surely fade and die, just remember Job as you reply, "Because my redeemer lives."

--Jimmy Peña


This week, you'll target legs with this test. As you may already know, at PrayFit, we're fans of the squat. That's because it hits your entire lower body musculature, making you stronger, leaner and more athletic. In fact, a hard leg day, particularly one that includes the squat, offers you the best chance of the week to make a positive and drastic effect on your overall body composition. Because of the amount of muscle mass worked in a single, well-scripted leg routine — like the one offered here — you enjoy a greater caloric burn and hormonal response in the days that follow that workout. So do yourself a favor — don’t skip leg day. Ever. The long term benefits are too great to sacrifice for the sake of a few days of discomfort.

For today's squat-based routine, we're challenging you to record your results online in your very own PrayFit Workout Journal. (Not yet a member? Register here.) This will not only keep you more accountable but it may also pique your inner competitor to grind out a few extra reps or a few extra seconds of work. The routine is as follows.

Warm Up: Jog in place or use a treadmill for 5 minutes. This often overlooked part of your routine elevates body temperature, increases blood flow to working muscles and lubricates your joints for the work ahead.

Jump squats for 30 seconds | Record total jumps Bodyweight squats for 30 seconds | Record total squats Wall Squats for as long as possible | Record total time

>> After reaching failure -- the point at which you can no longer hold this position -- on wall squats, stand and rest for 1-2 minutes.

>> Complete the entire lineup 3-5 times total in one session. Perform 2-3 sessions per week, allowing 1-2 days recovery between workouts.

>> For more exercise descriptions and videos, click here.