Who Are You Wearing?

"For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ." --Galatians 3:27

Read: Galatians 3

Here in Los Angeles last night, it was all about the Golden Globes -- where the famous dress to the nines and accept their praise. The most popular question posed as they walked the red carpet was, of course, "Who are you wearing?" It's an interesting question if you think about it. But more intriguing was how equipped the celebrities were at answering it. From head-to-toe, it was no secret. Whatever they were displaying, they knew its creator by name, probably because they knew they'd be asked. What a lesson.

As a Christian, am I as well prepared to talk to others about my creator? As believers, we're saved by grace, forever forgiven, eternally secure from head-to-toe, because why? We have "put on Christ" (v.27). In the back of my mind, I kept waiting for a Christian entertainer to answer with, "Oh, I put on Christ. I wear His name." Maybe next year.

Makes me think of my grandmother ("Palmommy" we affectionately called her). Boy, she sure knew how to witness. Without fail, no matter where we were, she'd find a way to share Jesus with someone. She'd disarm them with a gentle compliment and eventually follow up with a plea to know Him. I remember her telling those who didn't know Christ that they'd make lovely believers. "You'd make a beautiful Christian," she'd say. She was masterful at it. Yeah, my sweet Palmommy never walked a red carpet, never wore priceless diamonds and wasn't known the world over. But she knew Who she was wearing. And even though she wasn't always asked, she couldn't keep it a secret.

--Jimmy Peña

P.S. I think Palmommy found it so easy to talk to others about God, because she always talked to God about others.

Question: Are you anxious to share Christ with strangers? Do you look for ways to witness? How can your health be an icebreaker for a Godly conversation? Share your thoughts with us below.

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