Fit Together

"For where two or more gather in my name, there I am with them." --Matthew 18:20

Read: Matthew 18

Among the things I miss most about playing sports in high school and college are those times when coach would huddle us up to give us words of motivation. We'd all take a knee and, at the end of his talk, he'd say, "Everybody in." He'd put out his hand, and we'd stand to put ours atop his. At that very moment, there was nothing more important. I learned then that powerful things happen when people come together with a common purpose and a serious plan.

Speaking of small groups, we don't know what all was said among the disciples in the upper room, on shorelines, or on hillsides, but something tells me they huddled. I don't know, but when it was time to get everyone's attention, I like to think they brought it in real close like teams do. Don't you? After all, if our faith had a team, they were the first string. Wow. That's neat, huh? To think, what they said to each other before that first huddle broke, eventually got to you and me. Common purpose, serious plan. Powerful.

--Jimmy Peña

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FIT FACT: Research shows that one-limb (unilateral) training allows you to recruit more total muscle fibers, making you approximately 20% stronger on each rep. For example, if you were able to curl a 50-pound barbell for 10 reps, you could reasonably expect to curl 30-pound dumbbells (or 60 pounds total) for as many reps.