Yes, I'm Still Listening

Working and writing from home, I tend to keep the place filled with music. When I'm reflective, I've been known to go a little old-school (ya know, 90's Christian). If I'm researching, it's classical Beethoven or Tchaikovsky. For me, music just seems to help me focus on the mission at hand. One of the programs I often use is Pandora, a free music service that serves up all my favorites. I can create channels with my favorite genre, artists and songs. Before I know it, I've written volumes.

However, and some of you may be familiar with this, if you listen to Pandora long enough, it goes quiet, completely silent. If I'm consumed by a topic, deep in thought or finishing a paragraph, I may not actually notice it right away. But after a few minutes, when you finally click on it, a simple question appears: Are You Still Listening? That question always makes me pause. I like that it gives me the opportunity to click the button that says, Yes, I'm still listening.

Many of us have the week planned. The necessary routine is pretty much set. But as we schedule excellence each day, let's not forget to plan those precious moments alone with the Lord. We need to take our Bibles, read a passage, talk to Him, and listen to Him. We need to hit our knees and give Him our undivided attention. Because from the moment our little feet hit the floor, our lives are filled with so much noise. Indeed, from social media to social demands, life is a non-stop soundtrack. But in truth, some of it -- much of it -- should really only be background noise for the God-given mission at hand. Through it all, let's be sure to watch and listen for the question. It's a question that's always being asked. And when the moment comes, when the noise finally goes away, just take a deep breath and sigh, close your eyes, smile and say, "Yes, Lord. Yes, I'm still listening."

--Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Much like our physical muscle, spiritual muscle can atrophy. Our hearts need to be trained. However, most of the time, silence needs to be planned. Are you having quiet times? Are you being as disciplined about that aspect of life as you are about your workout? Let this week be that kind of week. Who's in?

Team PrayFit Heads to Baylor: PrayFit founders Jimmy and Loretta Peña head to Baylor University later this week. As special guests of faculty, Jimmy and Loretta will be attending the Baylor vs. Oklahoma football game on Thursday night, gratefully watching the action from the President's Box. Jimmy has also been asked to speak to a few classes in both the Health and Human Performance and Religion departments. More details to come, but please be praying for their trip and the his message to students.

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