Training Wheels

"Nothing can get between us and God's love because of the way Jesus our Master has embraced us." --Romans 8:38

Read: Romans 8

On my way to a meeting yesterday, PrayFit V.P. Eric Velazquez shared with me one of those moments. You know, a pivotal, unforgettable snapshot in time. The kind that leaves dads like him standing on sidewalks wondering where the years are going without his permission. Yes indeed, his little Mya is learning to ride her bike. He says she does alright until she looks back to realize he's let go. Real freedom is scary for Mya.

Yeah, I can't help it. Who reading this just loves the scene he's living? What a picture. We all know that Eric needs to let go so Mya can learn to ride on her own. After some good coaching and maybe a few innocent spills, it won't be long before she has the confident balance required to get up and go. What a spectrum. Mya will soon realize she doesn't need help, and Daddy will soon realize he has to stop giving it.

Letting go. Not something that comes easy for us. Whether it's about control, a habit, a burden, a worry, or the past, God knows how tough it is for us. But as Eric and I talked about the experience, we both gave thanks for one gospel fact: God never let's go of His children. Like little Mya, we pedal our hearts out, don't we? School, work, church, family, relationships, and health; a life full of spills, skinned knees, broken hearts and bruised egos.

Real freedom. Weeping dads on sidewalks know the feeling. Kids on bikes do too. But taking a page from Mya's lesson, real freedom for the believer comes when we look back only to realize that grace has a real good grip.

--Jimmy Peña

"Freedom for the believer comes when we look back only to realize that grace has a real good grip."

EXPERT ADVICE: Rest & Recovery

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