Adopted, Home

"And since we are his heirs, we are his children." --Romans 8:17

Read: Romans 8

She didn't know what was happening. After only a few weeks, her original owner wanted nothing to do with her and somehow that message reached my wife at work. Free to whoever wants her. Next thing I knew, a stranger was coming to our house with a puppy. That was a little over 15 years ago.

I have to tell you, when she arrived she was so scared. In fact, she wouldn't come out of the little kennel, so her owner proceeded to tip it over so she would fall out. At the time I weighed about 215 and could deadlift a truck, so I gently grabbed the guy's arm and told him that I would get her out. He didn't object. I gently set the kennel down and unscrewed every little knob and slowly opened the top. The moment she looked up at me, I adopted her. The very second she was set free, she was home.

Adoption. Isn't it something to think that the Bible says you and I are adopted? Orphans in need of rescue, God chose to adopt us as His. You know, life often drops us in places we didn't ask to be in. Unfamiliar surroundings, no place to call our home, no one to call our own. But God does what nobody else can. Our big, strong Savior, He gently opens our hearts -- and when we look up -- He welcomes us home.

--Jimmy Peña

Maddy in living roomMaddy Girl Friends, she died Monday. Many of you are well acquainted with my big chocolate lab, Ms. Josey Wales, but Maddy kept a low profile. Folks, she stayed up many a late night writing devotions with me. She was a good girl -- never hurt a soul, made no enemies. We miss her so much. (And if dogs go to Heaven, the Lord knows she likes a treat right before bed.) Love you my Maddy girl.