They Knew What To Do

"Teacher, don't you care if we drown?" --Mark 4:38

Read: Mark 4

The disciples knew what to do. Isn't it true? They knew what to do, and they were the first to do it. Do what exactly? Well, they did literally what you and I do metaphorically. They praised Him in the storm. We know the story. First came the wind, then the waves. And with teeth chattering and knees knocking, the terrified bunch woke the only one who could put the sea to sleep.

This week is such a good reminder for me that Jesus may have been asleep in the boat, but He wasn't asleep at the wheel. And it's not that the storm wasn't threatening, or that the disciples were silly for being scared. No, the storm that night was real. But Jesus took their fears seriously.

Of all the things we can learn from this story, it's that Jesus didn't hush the storm to prove its insignificance. He hushed it to show their significance to Him.

Your storms are real. Our fears are real. But when your teeth chatter and my knees buckle, we can follow their lead, amen? They knew what to do. We can too. In many ways, we're in the same boat. Brings a lump to my throat to think He's patiently waiting for me to wake Him up.

--Jimmy Peña

Final Prayfit Diet Cover

THE DAY IS HERE!: What a gift of grace. Our book, The PrayFit Diet, has finally arrived. I know we've been talking about it for a couple weeks now but please help us celebrate by thanking the Lord with us and for praying for us -- that this book will find its way into the hearts and hands of churches, small groups and individuals all across the country. Whether someone is looking for a Gospel perspective when it comes to food or whether someone is seeking a prescriptive, abundant, life-long meal plan and teaching tool, this book is for them. I personally appreciate everyone who has helped us spread the word about this beautiful book and I thank you in advance for sharing this news with your friends, family or even your Pastor and leadership. I'm at your feet.

"Practically everyone I know wants to lose weight and get more fit -- myself included. This battle is as much spiritual as it is physical, and most exercise and diet specialists miss this, but not Jimmy Peña and his Prayfit Diet plan. Getting fit God's way ensures you have the proper perspective on how and who God made you to be. When you have this foundation firmly in place, you will not be motivated to get fit to prove you are a somebody, but to express the somebody you are in Christ." --Randy Frazee, author of Making Room for Life and The Heart of the Story, and senior pastor at Oak Hills Church