An Audience of One

I didn't come out and say it, but we had a theme this week. Did you catch it? In "Side Show" we reminded ourselves that despite our daily attempts at attention, we're not the star of the show. In "4'33" we took four minutes and thirty-three seconds to absorb the truth that God alone is worthy of our silence - our quite time. And in "Can't Be Silent" we sat in the first chair and simply exhaled joy. If you had to give this week a motto in one word, what would it be? Here's mine - and it may not be too obvious - freedom. When I think of freedom, I go back to the 6th grade. It was the last day of school, and the last day of school just had that specialness to it, right? Teachers didn't make you work, cupcakes were the norm, and you just couldn't believe that you had 3 months away from it all. Summer! Well, the next year meant a different school, so the tradition for the 6th grade class was shaving cream fights in the yard. As ill-prepared as I was, it didn't take me long to join the festivities, because once you were a victim, you had ammo. But the best part of that day? Driving home with my Mom, who didn't seem to care that I had shaving cream in my hair. Awww yeah, I was home free.

Friends, when we relent and give up control of the stage, or realize our place in the grand scheme of His perfectly orchestrated creation, we're free. Free from the recital of endless comparisons. Free from competing for the ever-shrinking piece of the spotlight. And free from clamoring over a mic to try and make our voices heard in the social status quo. Yes sir, school's out. When the Master Conductor is your only audience as well as your identity, yeah, you're free. Home free.

Say, who here feels like a shaving cream fight? Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Anyone feeling lighter right about now? Hope so. And if so, please share your thoughts with me and others. (And oh, if you had a motto in one word for the week, let's hear it.)WhatDrivesYou