PrayFit on the Road

Ever been in an auditorium or arena after a concert or event? The chairs get stacked, everything gets cleaned up, and the lights start going out. Kinda gets quiet. That is, until next time the stage is set. After our week of talking about the Lord, His stage, and our place in the show, Friday kind of feels like that. Probably more so, because I'm traveling next week to speak in San Diego over a few days. I'll be visiting a Christian retirement community, delivering messages to various groups; from fitness topics, to food lectures, as well as talking "Health Through the Gospel's Lens" in a few chapel services. And if I can confess a heavy heart, I will be talking to those with very special needs and infirmities. I'm told many of them aren't able to walk. It goes without saying, but I covet your prayers as I talk to these sweet people. For their hearts and lives, my words and messages, and that God will be glorified above all. I promise to be updating social media on occasion throughout the week, but as far as devotions, our next one will be a week from Monday, June 30th.

And as we often do on Friday's, let's pray for each other. List your request in the comments section, and I and many others will lift your name up in prayer. If you'd rather not be specific, simply write "unspoken."

You know guys, we don't fill auditoriums or pack arenas, but each word we type and every thought we write is an anthem. And the fact that you join in the chorus each week means the world to me. Thank you for your faithfulness, your time and your prayers for me and each other. Much love. I'll see you in a week. If someone could get the lights... Jimmy Peña

Rehab/Training Update: Let me raise a praise. Here I am doing standard push-ups for reps yesterday. I graduated from modified (from the knees) push-ups. Health is a gift; one you fight for. Whatever He gives us by His grace, we honor Him with it. StandardPushUps FAMILY CIRCLE: If you're not already following me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, please do! I promise to share more as I travel to keep everyone updated. Facebook Twitter Instagram