A Courageous Reaction

What a week, right? So blessed by C.S. Lewis and his children's tale "Chronicles of Narnia." I could likely write a month's worth of devotions about them, because the films are so full of gold, but nonetheless, for those that were here each day to be encouraged, I hope that came true. You know, a sign we're growing in grace is knowing the source of our strength. And on Monday we were reminded that we need godly courage to meet each day's needs, and all those needs can only be met by the Lion in us. Tuesday young Edmund helped us recall that no matter how far we've wandered, despite our mistakes and missteps, and even in the midst of unforeseen infirmities, a face-to-face with Jesus is the birthplace of faith and the beginning of courage. And yesterday (my favorite moment of the week) little Reepicheep offered his sword, but was quickly taught that he thought too much of his honor. (Right?) Neat, neat.

Courage. Godly courage. I have very little of it. But during weeks like this, something inside me rises up. Somewhere deep in my heart, a timid Jimmy digs his heels in a little deeper for whatever the day has in store. Hopefully that's the same for you. Whether you need courage for your health, an illness, work-related issue, family struggle, or sharing Christ with strangers, I pray your default reaction is a courageous one.

And so....farewell, Aslan. Or as the kids of Narnia would say, "Long live, Aslan!" Yeah, thanks my friend. Needed you this week. Thank you for reminding us that with Jesus in our hearts, we've conquered this world through Him. Thank you for the courage you've helped us summon through the gospel of grace. And I meant what I said. If I could hug you, I would. So as this sentimental fool types through his tears, I think I speak for all the readers today when I say you're welcome here anytime. Jimmy Peña


DID YOU ENJOY COURAGE WEEK? Hope so. Any thoughts? Feedback on the week? Love to hear from you and pray with you.