God Is Big Enough

Back in 2007 when I was the fitness director at Muscle & Fitness Magazine (prior to all the illness and when I was still put together physically) I had an email conversation with Louie Giglio (many of you are Louie fans). Louie and I go back to my college days at Baylor. Anyway, we were discussing God's purpose for my life which was to impact the fitness industry for Christ, and he gave me some of the best advice I ever received. He simply said, "Jimmy, embrace your smallness." Boy, was he spot on. Guys, Charles Spurgeon once said, "Health is a gift from God, but sickness is a gift greater still." Spurgeon suffered with various physical problems that eventually took his life. He wanted to be healthy, but he knew the value of being sick, and he thanked God for it because it was his pain that caused him to desperately draw near to God.GodsWillGoodHealth

On the subject, Pastor Tullian says, "When you're aware of your smallness through sickness, when you become aware of your dependence and your neediness, you actually come to life! There is something liberating about waking up each day knowing you're not nearly as strong as you think you are."

BOOOM! I just got the chills typing that. Indeed, great faith doesn't mean great health; too many saints in Heaven for that to be true. If you're suffering or you have loved ones suffering (or even if you're strong as an ox still able to battle) be encouraged. Grace is enough. God's love never fails even when our bodies do. When you lay your head down on your pillow later tonight, do what I do. Squeeze it and smile. Embrace your smallness knowing God is big enough. -Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: As we begin a new week, what two things do you pray for and cherish?