Either Spoken or Sung

I'm likely giving away my age when I remind you of one of my favorite praise and worship songs, "I Just Came To Praise The Lord." Anyone?...Anyone?

"I just came to praise the Lord. I just came to praise the Lord. I just came to praise His holy name. I just came to praise the Lord."

Classic, right? On more than one occasion, I've felt like that in church. Shake hands, wave at friends, but get me to my seat. I need to talk to Jesus. I felt like that on my walk yesterday. I didn't set any land speed records, but it's always such a good time talking to the Lord, cleansing my heart, clearing my mind, praying for family, asking for wisdom, planning the PrayFit RISE conference. Far beyond the physical benefits the walking is doing to my continued recovery, my training has always been an extension of my quiet time. Sure, each stride sends vital nutrients to aid in healing, but my walk is more important.

Try it. Next time you hit the gym or go for your jog, remember today's little ditty. As you raise those weights overhead, remember the ultimate burden He lifted. As you run your miles, recall the distance He went to call you His own. And I know, the world will demand that you "focus" on the goal and the reason you're in the gym in the first place. And your response can either be spoken or sung, because truly, you are.

--Jimmy Peña

Pray For Us: We're less than 3 weeks away from PrayFit RISE Los Angeles. PRAYFIT-RISE-LOGO-FINALGuys, we're getting so excited and so much to do. We thank you and we covet your prayers for the attendees, speakers, and volunteers. "GRACE IS ENOUGH" Featuring: Matt Brown of Think Eternity, David Martin of I AM SECOND students, Lauren DeMoss of TheFulltimeGirl, Brooke Boon of Holy Yoga, Alisa Keeton of Revelation Wellness, Dana White of The Food Network, Jarrid Wilson of LifePoint Church, with Shawn Thornton of Calvary Community and Scotty Smith of The Gospel Coalition. Special musical guest Brenton Brown and hosted by Jimmy Peña of PrayFit Ministries (Sponsored in part by Pepperdine University, Bible Logos, Holy Yoga, Revelation Wellness, and Leland Family Ministries in association with Panera Bread and Barnes & Noble Booksellers.)