I Will Carry You

Kids picking up firewood helping their Daddy. A teenager helping his mom with chores carrying a heavy bin. A new husband carrying his bride across the threshold. Life is full of moments - from the forgettable to the priceless - where we carry things and where we carry others. Yesterday I sat down with a young leader in FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) here in California. We met for coffee to discuss the upcoming PrayFit RISE conference and just to meet as new friends. Neat guy. Newly married, new to Los Angeles, new to ministry. Best part, he loves baseball. A former ballplayer himself, he actually looks like he could play football instead. Big guy. Gentle giant. Well, my mind wandered as we were talking. He's just starting his life, I thought to myself, making an impact on countless athletes. Who knows the number of kids this guy will influence. It was neat to talk to him. And I tried as best I could to relay what we're hoping to do with our little ministry; where I've been, and what the Lord has seen me through. I didn't go into too much detail about my health, but I gave him a condensed version. I basically told him, I can't carry much anymore.

Dear friends, Steven Curtis Chapman sings a neat song with a simple message. I will carry you to Jesus on my knees. I want that to be true. I may not be physically able anymore - I'm not even able to do my own DVD series that many of you have loved over the years - but if you need to cry, I'll cry with you. I'll give you what I have. I'll carry you to Jesus on my knees. -Jimmy Peña

Sentimental Me: Can you tell this was typed in tears? Oh well, many of you know me by now and probably aren't surprised. Who in your life do you carry to Jesus? How is your health helping you share Jesus with those you know and love?