September 9, 2010Read: Psalm 145 "The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call on Him in truth." -- Psalm 145:18

As a young boy, watching my dad leave for work was more than a habit or tradition -- it was a son's ritual. We'd say bye to him at the door, then I'd run to my room and watch for him from my window. I remember we had a big rock wall, over which I could barely see the top of his truck. As he drove down the street he'd wave goodbye out his window and I'd be waving from mine. And all was right with my world.

But boy, oh boy, if I happened to miss his truck, you'd think the sky had fallen. I still remember the anxiety. "Did I miss him? Did I look down or turn away? As much as I wanted to watch him wave, I needed him to know I was there waving back. And if I thought he didn't see me, I was a mess. Mom would get me on the phone with Dad, and he'd calm me down. He'd assure me that he sees me waving, even if I can't see him.

I don't know when I grew out of that, but we'll never outgrow the need to see the Lord.

God, we're at the window. We've run here to watch you go to work in our world. We're on our tiptoes, and our little eyes are looking for you over the walls of fear and doubt that we ourselves have built. Even if we look down or turn away, you're there. You see us waving, even if we can't always see you.


NEW BENEFITS BREWING WITH COFFEE Coffee is more than a morning jolt -- it is fortifying your DNA

Coffee, America's favorite pick-me-up, has drawn great headlines in recent months and years with research linking it to reduced risk of diabetes, and improved liver health. But a new studies are showing that it may help on a much deeper level, boosting your health all the way down to your DNA.

Researchers from the University of Vienna, Nestlé, and the University of Belgrade report that paper-filtered coffee – the most widely consumed form in Central Europe and the US – may protect against oxidative DNA-damage. Subjects were assigned to drink either 800 ml coffee or water daily for five days. At the end of the study, a reduction in DNA damage was shown in the java drinkers.

Though researchers admit that the findings are "casual," they say that the results are promising.

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