September 7, 2010Read: 1 Samuel

"Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." --1 Samuel 16:7

Last week I had the honor of spending some time with the leaders of the Boys and Girls Clubs of El Paso -- an amazing group of people that I promise you'll hear more about in the months ahead. And while touring one of the facilities, a teenager's t-shirt caught my attention. It read, "Hay Que Tener Ganas." As I read it out loud, I was given a shrug and a head tilt, "Ya gotta have heart." (And mine stopped). To say the moment motivated me would be like saying Picasso painted or Mozart made music; an understatement to say the least. And as it turns out, it's their motto.

So because of those kids, this week is all about that very thing. How we take care of the bodies God gave us is a heart issue, is it not? At PrayFit, we believe how the body responds in weight loss is merely a byproduct of obedience. It's the daily diligence to eat right and exercise that takes true desire and guts. The kind of guts Omar, David and Clutch showed me last week. "They're the true dreamers" -- something I think their director, Mrs. Maldonado, would be the first to point out. JP

PRAYFIT WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: BACK This workout is made up of the tried-and-true basics of back training, from the strength-and-power staples like the bent-over row and deadlift to the challenging simplicity of the traditional pull-up as an intense finisher. If you prefer, you can switch the order of the row and deadlift from workout to workout, which means that both exercises get the benefit of going first when you’re freshest and have the most energy to lift heavy poundage. Same idea goes for the wide-grip pulldown and seated cable row. Post your experiences to the comments section below, or in the forums.

Exercise                                              Sets     Reps Bent-Over Barbell Row                    5          6, 6, 8, 8, 10 Deadlift                                               4          6, 8, 8, 10 Wide-Grip Pulldown                         3          10, 10, 10 Seated Cable Row                           3          10, 10, 10 Pull-Up                                                2          To failure

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