March 18, 2011Read: Luke 3

" is coming who is more powerful than I, and I'm not worthy to untie his sandal straps." --Luke 3:16

Sitting in a music studio yesterday, I had a the unique privilege of hearing a young, talented band who opens the show for another very popular group of musicians. Their task is simple: set the stage and prepare the audience for the main attraction. You know, something tells me John the Baptist would understand their job. It's a role he played until the day he died.

Sitting there listening to them, I got to thinking about John; what he said, how he acted. But I think of all his many traits, his best quality was knowing it wasn't his show; that the act to follow was really the act to follow.

Yes indeed, John showed us that our only job is to invite a crowd, pull back the curtain and get out of the way.



Here's yesterday's question: Of these choices, what's the best post-workout combo?

a. Egg whites and Cream of Wheat b. Whey protein and white rice c. Egg whites and oatmeal d. Whey protein and brown rice

ANSWER: B (Whey protein and white rice)

After a training session, you want a fast-digesting protein to start repairing muscle tissue and a fast-digesting carbohydrate to replenish glycogen stores. When it comes to protein, whey would be the fastest on our list. It is easily digested and has a very high level of bioavailability, meaning that your muscles will get the building blocks (amino acids) that they need for complete repair. And when it comes to carbohydrate, the white rice is fast at refilling those depleted energy tanks (note: the cream of wheat is also a very fast-digesting carb). So knowing that, the best answer is B.

For all of those who chose oatmeal, you should know that it is one of our favorite foods. It's great tasting and extremely nutritious but it is very slow to digest, which means that it's a great choice pre-workout, for breakfast or even between big meals.

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