March 4, 2011Read: Philippians 1

"For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain." --Philippians 1:21

Yesterday, we at PrayFit confirmed plans to promote, endorse and sponsor one of our favorite athletes. A champion in and out of the ring, Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero and PrayFit agreed to terms for his HBO Pay-Per-View televised fight on April 9. We are absolutely ecstatic. A man of God, a loving husband, and a three-time world champion, Robert Guerrero's trunks will carry a new logo: PRAYFIT.COM

In the middle of the ring and in the heat of battle, he'll be wearing our name.

You know as believers in the fight of our lives, we wear His name. With His blood, He stamped his promotion and endorsement on our hearts. He says, "He's mine! She's with me! I'm in their corner!" And any scars we show, we bear for Him. May the marks we bear point others to the cross. So whether it be at work, home, school or with your health, consider this moment the bell, and let's make it a good fight.


“Being a big believer in Jesus Christ, PrayFit gets me on track to start my day off in the right direction.  In boxing there is no room for error. You have to be not only be physically prepared but spiritually strong as well.”

Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, 3-Time Boxing World Champion


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