October 31, 2011Read: 2 Corinthians 4

"What we see will last only a short time, but what we cannot see will last forever." --2 Corinthians 4:18

There’s an old story about a pharaoh whose young wife died far too soon. In his grief, he ordered his wife’s tomb to be built lavishly. No expense was too great for the monument. Each time he’d survey the construction site, he’d order more jewels and more gold - - "Bigger! Higher!" His wife’s tomb became his obsession.

One day, as he proudly surveyed his masterpiece, the pharaoh tripped over a box along the perimeter. Embarrassed, he ordered the removal of all the trash. What he didn’t realize was that along with all the rubbish, he’d ordered the removal of his wife’s coffin. See, he was so caught up in the process that he forgot about the purpose.

I was reminded of that story while watching the movie “Up in the Air.” George Clooney played a man whose life was all about the journey. He lived for the process. Flight status boards, frequent flyer miles and hotel key cards were the trophies of his trade. Link enough of yesterday’s trips together with tomorrow’s, and sooner or later, you’ve got yourself a life.

But this week, let’s focus less on our man-made monuments and more on the One who matters. Our lives gain meaning when our purpose is revealed. Remember, Jesus is our destination. Everything else is just a first-class ticket to nowhere.


Firm Believer: How can you add true meaning to your life in the area of health? What will you commit to the Lord this week in honor of your purpose on earth?

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: 3 MILES Time to hit the road (or treadmill). Whether you choose to slow walk, fast walk, jog or run,  three miles is the goal. This could be the start of a new habit or you have a time to beat, keep good track of your time. In a couple of days, your goal will be to do the same three-mile route in slightly less time. Simple. Effective. Go the distance, literally.

PRAYFIT NEWS: Three miles is a great place to start but in a little less than a week, PrayFit founder Jimmy Pena will be among the field of over 40,000 runners toeing the start line at the ING New York City Marathon. Though it's his first foray into distance running, his goal as he snakes his way through the five boroughs will be the same as it is every time he sets foot in the gym: to honor the One who gave him the ability to do it in the first place. Visit next week for a first-person recap of Pena's first-ever 26.2.