Perspective: Salvation

"Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose trust is the Lord." --Jeremiah 17:7

Read: Jeremiah 17

It seems like the latest and greatest kids movies these days are all in 3D. Well, if you are an older child that might be great news, but for the younger ones, it can be a tricky thing to understand the concept that you must wear the proper glasses in order to fully experience the intended effects of the 3D movie. Well, my youngest son is not a big fan of the movie glasses and insists on watching without them. We show up on time, perfect seats, bag of popcorn and ready to go. We are all set except without the glasses, the screen is pretty much a colorful blur.

As a mother, this just kills me because I want the best for him, I want him to experience every amazing effect of the movie and not miss a single detail. Yet, as the third child (and a lot like his mom), he is stubborn and he thinks he knows best. So while my other two children are sitting still, 3D glasses on and fully engaged in the movie, my youngest is distracted and restless.

I often wonder if this is how Jesus feels about us. He wants the absolute best for our lives and he offers us the only tool we need: salvation. Some of us are just too stubborn to accept the offer because we think we know best. Until we give up ourselves and fully commit our hearts and lives to Jesus, we will continue seeing and living a flat, one-dimensional life that will never satisfy. We might have our perfect seats and our popcorn ready but until we get the proper perspective -- seeing life through the lens of salvation, living our lives with Jesus, through Jesus -- we aren't really seeing anything at all.

--Allison Earnst

PrayFit's contributing writer, Allison Earnst, is a fitness expert, motivator, competitor and mother of three. She's been featured in numerous magazines including FitParent, Natural Muscle and Oxygen magazine. She has shared her fitness story on Good Morning America, Extra TV and Lifetime's "The Balancing Act." You can visit her blog by clicking here.


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