If You're Thirsty

"But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again." --John 4:14

Read: John 4

Over the long weekend, Loretta and I had the chance to explore some new trails. Just minutes from our condo are some of the most amazing hills in the country. One path in particular is an awesome nine-mile trek to the ocean. So with a new lease on life and health, I set out to lead my wife and our chocolate lab Ms. Josey along this vast expanse. Backpack? Check. Map? Sort of. Clue? Um...no.

Seven miles later, Josey was limping, I was hungry and Loretta was worried. How much farther? Must those birds fly in circles? Fortunately however, in the distance I could see a guy who looked like he knew where I was going. As he approached us on his all-terrain bike, I asked him how long until we reached the water. Turns out the trail I was on would only get me so far. So I thanked him, and he rode off. Wouldn't you know it? Two minutes later he rode up beside us again and asked, "I have water if you're thirsty." I looked at Loretta with a grin as I declined his kind gesture. (She knew I had just mentally written this entry.)

The story surrounding our verse is about a woman who met Jesus at the well. She was looking for one kind of water but her Savior knew she needed another. Her life was in shambles and she was thirsty. Had she continued along the path she was on, she'd be lost forever. But the bible says Jesus told her of her sin, and that if she drank living water, she'd never thirst again.

Folks, just like water is critical for our physical thirst, the thirst of the spirit is unquenchable without Jesus. We can't lift enough weights, run enough miles or drop enough pounds to fulfill our direst need. That's why we never place too much emphasis on the physical. Like her well, the mirror will never quench you of anything, no matter how many times you look. So today, go to the well. If it's the first time -- or the first time in a long time -- He has water if you're thirsty.

--Jimmy Peña


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