Glorious Unfolding

Well, how did the week unfold? Any glorious victories? What about pitfalls, any of those? Well, at the PrayFit house, we had a little of everything. But one thing's for certain, we sure have been blessed by this week's entries and your comments each day.

If you missed any of them this week, Monday began with a moment of silence. Well, four minutes, thirty-three seconds of silence. Then, with strength and honor, life taught us that God alone lifts our burdens and we'd be wise to embrace our smallness. Sister Powell then weighed in and brought us all to tears and praise. She's the gladiator among us. And yesterday, we scooted over and got real close to one another and with you, prayed for many hurting people. We did a lot this week, and we're so glad you were with us along the way. The week was "a glorious unfolding."

A new theme begins on Monday and we hope you'll join us. Thank you for being a part of PrayFit. Each day for nearly six years, you've allowed us into your homes and lives. It's an honor we don't take lightly. Enjoy your Friday and weekend. Get some rest, be renewed, and we'll see you next week.

--Team PrayFit

P.S. We urge you to go to iTunes and download the new song by Steven Curtis Chapman called, "A Glorious Unfolding."

"The story is so far from over. So hold on to every promise God has made to us, and watch this glorious unfolding."

Wow, wow, wow. Hope you enjoy it. Each day this week was a lot like that for us. And we know that each day means another day closer to the Lord. So much in store. So far from over. Be blessed everyone.

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