April 12, 2011Read: Genesis 6

"Noah did everything God commanded him." --Genesis 6:22

We spend an incredible amount of time on this earth waiting. We wait at traffic lights, elevators, DMVs, for mail, for appointments, for that phone call, the offer letter, for good news, for any news...you name it, if we want something, sometimes we have to wait.

Noah knew what it was like to wait. Imagine him hammering the side of the ark with one hand while waving to passing neighbors with the other. "Evenin'! Yeah, I'm building an ark! For the, uhh...flood! Have a good night!" But we all know the story. The rain finally came, and Noah's purpose was revealed. Good thing he kept building.

Like Noah, are you waiting for God to storm into action? Trying to get into that college? Get that new job? Good, but hammer while you wait. You never know, that first drop of rain just might be today.



It's unquestionably one of the best ad campaigns the armed forces have ever rolled out. The concept of "Army Strong," illustrated by visions of hard-charging, camouflaged men and women in peak physical condition, doing what they can to keep our nation safe at home and abroad. Those hesitant to head down to the nearest recruiting station, no matter how patriotic, are sometimes deterred by the expectation of countless push-ups and sit-ups and 10-mile hikes. But today's Army is much different.

In the throes of a complete physical fitness makeover, soldiers are instituting new and more dynamic movements into their programming to prepare them for battle. Ever wonder how you'd stack up? Now you find out what it's like to be Army Strong.

Click here to find out what today's soldiers are expected to be good at and just how these standards transfer onto the battlefield.

Source: CNN

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