June 8, 2011 Most people, Christian or not, are familiar with the Footprints story. The end stanza where the Lord tells the author why there was only one set of footprints during the hard times puts a lump in the throat of even those with the most hardened of hearts.

"The time when you have seen only one set of footprints is when I carried you."

This week, amidst a storm of work tasks and family obligations, I also found myself alone on the beach. As I chatted to the Lord about all of my stresses -- the deadlines, the bills, my overcrowded daytimer -- I was stopped in my tracks, not by his response but by His silence. Hurt and agitated -- as I would be with any friend -- by the apparent indifference to my woes, I turned to look at Him. Seeing that He was no longer by my side, I looked back. There He was -- quickening His stride to hear what I was saying.

He never stopped caring about my problems. I had just become so consumed with stress that I didn't realize that I'd left Him behind. In just a few days, I seem to have outpaced my Maker, the distance between us filled with my own neglect.

Sometimes, as we struggle to navigate the chaos of life, we forget that God wants us to walk with Him. He still carries us through the tough times but we'd do well to remember to stay close by His side because He died to hear every word.


CARBS: FUEL NOT FOE The simple truth about carbs and fitness

There are scores of books and mounds of literature on the consumption of carbohydrates and how this macronutrient relates to performance and body composition. But the bottom line is that your body needs carbohydrate to fuel any number of basic processes. Carbs are the preferred fuel source of the cell, so going totally without them in hopes of shedding a few pounds can end up working against you. To keep things simple, try to focus first on the types of carbs you're consuming daily and when you're consuming them.

Complex carbohydrates, referred to as "good" carbs, are slower-digesting in nature and thus have less of an effect on blood sugar. They provide a steady stream of fuel for your work day and for your active lifestyle while having a minimal impact on your waistline. Examples of these good carbs include oatmeal, vegetables, wheat bread and other whole grain products.

Simple carbohydrates, or "bad" carbs, are digested rapidly in the body causing huge swings in blood sugar and spikes in the hormone insulin which can signal for your body to store fat. White bread, white tortillas, sugary snacks and beverages can be detrimental to your energy and overall health if consumed in excess.

STRATEGIZE: Most of the day, make sure that your carb sources are of the complex variety. The only exceptions to this rule are first thing in the morning or after a hard workout, when your body actually needs a rapid refuel of sugars to fuel recovery.

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