July 29, 2011Read: 2 Samuel 22

"I will sing praises to your name." --2 Samuel 22:50

When the Forbes richest person list was revealed recently, there were few surprises, save for the absence of billionaire Bill Gates at No. 1. It's rumored that Bill Gates would have had the top spot had he not given so much to charity. Most can't fathom such a sacrifice, but because he gave so much to others, he relinquished a title many would kill for.

But just try to imagine. Jesus went from heaven to human. Actually, our minds can't begin to comprehend the exchange. If we can somehow use Bill Gates as a cheap example, while he gave to the needy, he didn't become needy. Billionaire to beggar? Baron to bum? Not exactly. After all, giving to the poor didn't mean living with the poor. But when Jesus came to earth, He did more than join us -- He took our place. We can't fathom such a sacrifice, but for you and I to have any hope, the cross needed the Savior. And that's a title only He could die for.


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